2009 in Review

  1. I had dinner with some old friends from high school.  The sushi was delicious and it was great to catch up.
  2. The DOTC (daughters of the cross) gave me this necklace.  Love you women and miss seeing you!
  3. I went wedding dress shopping with a friend.  Can’t wait to see her wear it this Friday!
  4. Kyle made me a pre-birthday dinner including these items.
  5. We went to College Station to have dinner with Torey on my actual birthday.  Cafe Eccell is still amazing!
  6. DOTC said goodbye to Michelle and sent her off to Turkey.
  7. I went with my friend and mentor Linda to the international house of prayer in Kansas City.
  8. I had a delicious and beautiful latte.
  9. Torey got pink highlights in her hair.
  10. They were lovely.
  11. We went to Stubb’s to see Dave Barnes play.  We were happily introduced to Drew and Ellie Holcomb’s music that night as well.
  12. After bantering with lots of laughter with Dave during the concert, Torey could only think of this question when she met Dave after the show for a picture: “Do you like Austin?”  Laughter ensued among all.
  13. Torey turned 19.
  14. We went to the Belmont on St. Patrick’s Day just for fun.  It was.
  15. We met Doug and Jan Sherman at the Harris’ home.  Life-changing dinner.
  16. My mom drove me by our first house in Tyler.
  17. I had coffee with my old friend Gwen.  We knew each other in elementary school.  She is an adoptive mom now, too!
  18. We dyed Easter eggs.  Lauren laughed while eating red velvet cake covering the counter, the soaking eggs, and her younger sister in red cake crumbs.
  19. We dressed up to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.
  20. DOTC had a tea to say goodbye to Jenifer.
  21. Meredith and I had baby shakes at Terra Burger.  All I can say is I do good work.
  22. We moved Torey out of her dorm after her first year of college.
  23. Troy enjoyed our double chaise.  But not as much as we enjoy this picture.
  24. Our buddy Trey came to visit.
  25. My mom showed where we lived when she married my dad Steve.  I received Jesus as my Savior while brushing my teeth in the bathroom.
  26. More people said goodbye to Jenifer but no one wanted to do it.  Especially armless Angelica.
  27. We prayed for Craig and Jenifer before we sent them to Southeast Asia.  Then we ate desserts.  It seemed like the right thing to do.
  28. We went with their families to see Craig and Jenifer off at the airport.  They were ready for a comfy flight.  It was still sad.
  29. Kyle rode his seahorse with integrity on the 4th of July.
  30. We had a blast hanging out with the Ford’s swimming and then at his office to watch fireworks at his office.
  31. We met Dave Barnes McDaniel.  He is a French Bulldog.  We hope Dave the musician would be honored at his namesake.
  32. We fell in love with him instantly.  Our lives are forever changed.
  33. Especially Kyle’s.
  34. My youngest sister Bonnie moved in with us.  We got lost in the greenbelt to welcome her.
  35. Torey, Bonnie, JRF, and I went to see Coldplay in concert.
  36. The Lepold’s puppy-sat for us.  Henry and Barnes met.  It was love at first sight.
  37. We took Barnes to Fredericksburg.  Kyle and Barnes napped while Torey and I tried on dresses and such.  It was an agreeable arrangement for all.
  38. God provided a new job for Kyle at TRS (Teacher’s Retirement Systems of Texas).
  39. Taking my puppy on the town!
  40. My friend Linda Storey and Ginger the wonderdog came for a visit.
  41. Ben Baker is a pretzel.
  42. Kyle and I celebrated our 20th anniversary.
  43. Torey moved into her first apartment and started her sophomore year at A&M.
  44. Kyle and I went to our first aggie game in years with Torey and Craig.
  45. Torey, JRF, and I had a girls day in Brenham.  It was cold and rainy and wonderful.
  46. Kyle and I saw U2 in concert.  They were incredible.  It was fun to have the Telschow’s and the Drinka’s along for the roadtrip.
  47. Kyle co-officiated the wedding of our friends Keri and Eric.  It was truly a great day.
  48. My oldest little sister turned 30.  I love her!
  49. Kyle dressed up as a monkey and Barnes as a banana for Halloween.
  50. Henry and Barnes were both dashing bananas.
  51. Torey and Bonnie climbed in the waterfall in the greenbelt.  It was freezing so I stood on the banks and took pictures.
  52. Torey, Kyle, Bonnie, and I went to see Imogen Heap play.  She is delightful.  Our concert mates weren’t.
  53. Torey, JRF, and I were happy participants in a Junior League Christmas Affair.  We tied for first place in the costume contest.
  54. I am helping Doug Sherman write a book about life with God.  Barnes came with me on a writing retreat.
  55. I met the Pioneer Woman.  She is wonderful.
  56. Kyle was accepted into the National Association of Professional Women.  We were all proud.
  57. Bonnie finished her degree program and graduated from ETBU.  Congratulations, Bonnie!
  58. Jordan and Kyle spun under the Zilker Christmas Tree.  And then crashed.  Nearly injuring nearby small children.
  59. We had a fun family dinner at home before going to celebrate Christmas with Kyle’s family.
  60. It snowed in Tyler for about 15 minutes.
  61. We all came out to see it.
  62. Fun times and gifts were had for all children.  Aubrey got a dress up trunk and promptly began to sing a song of wonder about the glories of her princess outfit.  It started like this: “Aubrey is so precious…”
  63. We ended 2009 with a bang at the Patio ranch with the Stumberg’s, the Regnerus clan, and new friends.

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