Jesus has had the perfect relationship with His Father in heaven for all of eternity.  They have always had perfect fellowship and infinite joy in each other.  At least, they did until Jesus came to earth as a man.

Jesus came just as His Father asked.  He was not born into royalty or political power.  His adoptive father was a carpenter.  He lived a quiet life until one day, when He was around 30, He began teaching, preaching, and prophesying.  He began turning water into wine and healing lepers and raising people from the dead.  His old neighbors were flabbergasted.  Most concluded He had lost His mind and was faking all the miracle and Son of God stuff.  Wasn’t He Joseph’s son from across town?

But Jesus knew who He was. And He knew why He had come.  He came to pay our ransom.  He came to let the justice that Adam, Eve, and every one of their children richly deserved for their sin and rebellion be poured out on Himself.  And one day, after a hard night of tears and sweat and agony, a friend’s kiss was followed by His arrest.  He was betrayed by His countrymen and turned over to the powers that be.  The Romans beat Him, spit on Him, mocked Him with a ‘crown’ made of spiky thorns, whipped Him, and nailed Him to cross.  Most of His friends scattered in terror and confusion.

And in this moment, for the first time in all of history, the unity of Father and Son was broken.  The Father turned away from His beloved Son.  He couldn’t look at Jesus as He took on our sin and ugliness.  Jesus cried out in agony.  No physical pain tore Him as this did.  This He could hardly bear.  He couldn’t, in fact.  It killed Him.  When they were sure He was dead, they took Him down from the cross and put Him in a tomb.  Three days later, just as had been prophesied, He was raised to life again.  And everything was changed.  He had won us back!  He conquered death and overcame the evil one.

“Shall I ​ransom them from the ​​power of Sheol? Shall I redeem them from death? O Death, where are your thorns? O Sheol, where is your sting?…” (Hosea 13:14)


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