reformation (part 2)

It sounds a little over-dramatic but it isn’t.  It’s absolutely true.  We need a second reformation. We need God to move at that level in the Church.  We need Him not only restore to the 21st century the 16th century Reformation doctrine but to also push the truths of His personhood and sanctification further in the hearts and lives of His people.

Martin Luther

The personhood of God is just not well understood.  It hurts the way we relate with Him deeply.  It is too rare that believers interact with Him as if He is truly present and infinitely loving.  And one result of this disconnect is that the Church’s love of God often becomes overshadowed by its pursuit of godliness.

The distorted notions many have of Him as an angry and critical Father or a divine Boy Scout leader or a grumpy employer or a passive monastic leader, or a divine professor are utterly heartbreaking.  These lies about God keep many from reaching the potential He has for them.  How can anyone serve, obey, and pursue a God who they can’t fully trust or relate to?

God is both completely immanent and utterly transcendent.  He is closer than our breath and also beyond all.  He cares about our smallest hurts and knows each of the stars by name.  Unless both of these qualities are correctly emphasized, a distorted understanding and practice will follow.  The nature of God must be the lifeblood of everything the Church does and for the full range of church ministries rather than being a dry and forgotten theology.

Part 3 tomorrow…


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