August 19, 1998.

We’re still talking about marriage.  I hope you’re enjoying thinking with me about how to live a lifetime of partnership with your husband or wife.  Today, I want to share with you a letter I gave Kyle on our 9th anniversary.  At the end of the summer, we’ll celebrate 21 years.  It is a letter that captures what I love about my marriage to Kyle.  Twelve years later, it reminds me of why God put us together.  And why we are working to heal and rebuild after several really hard years.  Be encouraged!

Dear Kyle,

When I met you, it was the beginning of coming to believe that someone could actually love me because of who I am.  I was so embarrassed when you stared at me in the parking lot of our church but after that, I started to pay attention to you.  At first, I was just impressed that a cute older guy was interested in me – it was flattering.  As I watched you with other people, though, I saw someone different than anyone I had met before.

When we got married, it was a bittersweet time. I was sad to begin our lives together in the way that we did but I had a steadfast confidence in my God and in you.  I still knew that you were different than anyone else in my life.  I saw a man I knew I could trust.  I saw a man who loved me more than I could comprehend.  No other had dreamed with me as you had.  No other had loved me so completely.  No other had seen not just what I was but what I could be.  I could have married no one else.

k & t on the London eye circa 1998

Today, nine years later, I thought it would be fitting to tell you what I see in you now.  I still see a man who loves me more than I conceive.  You are my strength when I am too weak to stand alone.  You continue to see what is beautiful and worthwhile in me and never hesitate to tell me your perception.  You love me sacrificially; many times giving up your own time, goals and desires so that mine can be accomplished.  You are my cheerleader and my champion.  What I realize now that I only caught glimpses of then is that you are not these things to me only.  God has created in you a bold and gentle leader.  He is building you into a visionary leader that seeks first the kingdom of your Savior and King.  I love the way you love people with zeal.  You are a shepherd, a pastor at heart if not in name.  Your passion for exhorting, encouraging, and loving people is second only to your passion for your God.  I know that you are still being formed into the image of Him, that you are not yet all He has created you to be, but I also am certain of our Lord and Savior using you in mighty ways to draw people to Himself.  You are learning to be fully led by Him that you can lead others as you are yourself led.  It brings me incredible joy to watch this happen and be a part of the process…

[part 2 tomorrow…]


One thought on “August 19, 1998.

  1. This is really beautiful….but mostly because you and Kyle are really beautiful. Thankful you guys are in my life.

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