We’d been asking our insurance agency to correct the error in our policy since days after the fire.  There was no way we could rebuild until that happened.  Our family and friends had been praying and offering advice and standing with us in countless ways since the fire.  Then, on November 14th (the day after 3 months since the fire), I asked people to pray for the woman by name who had been the apparent roadblock toward correcting the policy.

I thought I believed in prayer before this. But what happened next blew me away.  THE NEXT DAY when we called (again) to try to get this particular adjustor to work with us, we were told she was no longer with the company.  We were transferred to a new adjuster.  He told us that our situation merited an investigation.  Before the end of the week, the entire department had to discuss our case.  By Thanksgiving, we were told that things were looking promising.  The policy was corrected by the end of the next week.  A check for the new policy limit has now been dispersed.

We negotiated, made calls, wrote letters, typed emails, and prayed for three months with no material progress.  Our spiritual family prayed specifically for a day and that changed everything.  There is no doubt in my mind that God was giving us a chance to trust Him and to learn what only experience with Him can teach: He loves moving heaven and earth to respond to our requests.  He loves giving good gifts.

It’s been a hard couple of years.  Every area of our lives has been turned upside down.  But my family knows God’s comfort better than ever.  And I know that our friends are more than that…they are our family.  God has been faithfully bringing us to mind to many people. Weeks before the fire, Daniel Ting had a dream about asking for God’s mercy and comfort in which he was talking with Kelly and me.  And Sarah Drinka texted me not long ago that she’d come across our names and a date next to some verses in Psalm 37.   The date was 8.12.10—the day before the fire. These things aren’t coincidences.  God is giving my family (and you) a chance to see an example of how He uses people and circumstances to turn ashes and destruction to beauty and wholeness.  It is not a path I would wish on anyone but I—we—can already say we wouldn’t trade it.

A friend we’ve known and loved since our days in Houston (Biff Van Cleve–great name, huh?) called trying to reconnect not long before the fire.  We never got a chance to return his call and the number he left was consumed when the answering machine burned.  When he learned why we’d never gotten back with him, he wrote to us, “Y’all have really been on my heart this year and now I understand why.  When any part of the body hurts, the whole body feels it.”

God loves answering prayers.  He takes great delight in helping His children draw near to Him and each other.  Just thought you should know.

[If you are looking for more stories about what happened after the fire, scroll to the ‘categories’ section on the right side bar of this page and select ‘after the fire’]


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