2010 in Review [part 1]

Since thirteen was a momentous number this year, I thought this year in review should include an extra month–a baker’s dozen.  Enjoy!

  1. We celebrated the New Year with friends at the Patio Ranch.  Kyle and I got to watch the sunset from a deer stand with a beautiful view and toast champagne.
  2. Eric taught Torey how to shoot while we were there.
  3. The Sherman’s and Kyle and I went to meet with NavPress about the book I was helping Doug write.  We stayed in the castle (Navigator headquarters) where Doug and Jan first met.
  4. In the meantime, as new toys came into Barnes’ life, he didn’t consider it his obligation to bring the ones with really loud squeakers to me repeatedly while I was trying to work.  It was his pleasure.
  5. Connie Willems (our editor for the early portion of the writing) came and spent the day at Casa McDaniel helping us clarify the big ideas we needed to communicate.  We spent the day in the mission house using ginormous post notes.  It was way fun.
  6. We celebrated my wonderful daughter’s 20th birthday.  I cooked her favorite meal and a red velvet cake and we all wore hearts just like Julia Child did when she celebrated Valentine’s Day.  We watched Torey’s new favorite movie Julie and Julia about twenty times.
  7. There was a beautiful magical snow.  Barnes liked it.
  8. After eight years of loving the people of The Austin Stone, Kyle resigned as an elder and we stepped away from leadership there.  Our love did not change as we followed God’s call to leave the congregation.  It was a decision made with heavy hearts but with peace and confidence.  We bless The Austin Stone and the work God continues to do there and the rest of His Body in Austin, TX.   And we miss our friends there and love when we get a chance to see them around the city.
  9. Still inspired by Julie and Julia, Torey and I attempted homemade eggs Benedict.  They were delicious!
  10. Barnes kept me company during many long but wonderful hours of working on More Than Ordinary.
  11. A Torchy’s opened near our home.  Rejoicing ensued.  Lunch plans for the rest of the year=done. (Still trying to become the mayor of there or Kerbey Lane on Gowalla.  I’ll keep you posted.)
  12. We hiked the Hill of Life as often possible.  Queso has a lot of calories, man!
  13. We celebrated Kyle’s birthday with everyone living at Casa McDaniel (the 3 McDaniel’s, Bonnie, Jordan & Lauren Tardy, and, of course, Barnes).
  14. We had a few of his favorite things—sugar and pizza.
  15. Barnes had his first day of school.  He was an eager student.  His favorite subjects were new toys and snack time.
  16. I got to hang out with the famous Berrik Sherman.  He’s pretty cool.
  17. Barnes got an ear infection and decided to hide from Dr. Donop.
  18. Kyle and Torey gave me some gorgeous roses for mother’s day.  I am a sucker for roses.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Tyler—it’s the rose capital y’all.
  19. Over dinner at Kerbey Lane, the subject of Prince came up because, well, why wouldn’t it?  Kyle asked “What is that song he sings…’Bark like a Dove?’”  When Torey and I remained speechless with laughter a little too long, he added, “Just tell me the name of the freaking song!”  And wondered why we both grabbed our phones and starting typing like crazy.
  20. On one of our hikes, we saw a tarantula up-close and personal.  (Even though that was nine months ago, definitely just had to check the rug around my feet as I just typed that.)
  21. We also found a super cool old truck.
  22. And Barnes learned to drink out of a nalgene lid when he was extra hot and thirsty.
  23. My husband planted roses for me.  And then watered them regularly.  It was very sweet and romantic.
  24. Old friend Jenny Rose and new friend Erika and I put on our cute shoes and had cosmopolitans at the new Gold Class Cinema that had just opened.  The movie was tragically bad but the wonderful company made up for it.
  25. The Youngblood women went shopping for my sister Lauren’s wedding dress.
  26. She found it at the first place we went!
  27. Torey spent the first half of the summer as a counselor at Pine Cove.  She was great and loved it.
  28. We went to visit her and took her out for frozen custard.  Yum.
  29. It sure was sweaty out there but the kids seemed to love it.
  30. A few weeks later, her BFF Meghan and I got to visit her again.
  31. I got to take my dad to his favorite café in Edom for Father’s Day.  His great-grandfather used to have lunch there every day.  I love family histories.
  32. Our friends Jordan and Lauren Tardy moved out the mission house to spend time with family before moving to Pennsylvania for missionary training.
  33. We spent a few days in New York City.  And ate huge doughnuts from The Doughnut Plant.
  34. We got to spend a little time with our dear friend Daniel Ting.  He is the best.
  35. We also hung out with another long-time dear friend Trey Hicks.  He took us to his favorite pizza place near his place in Brooklyn and we took him to our favorite breakfast place (fyi: It’s SaraBeth’s).  We love New York food.
  36. On the flight home, we met the world’s ugliest dog and her owner.  They’d been on the Today show that morning.

[part 2 of the year in review coming soon]

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