Friends of His

Redbud Branches

‘You must be an ardent lover of nature, Justus,’ commented Marcellus.

‘Only in the last couple of years, sir. I used to pass the flowers by without seeing them, as almost every man does.  Of course I recognized the useful plants; flax and wheat, oats and barley and clover; but I never thought much of the flowers until I made the close acquaintance of a man who knew all about them.’

‘…He knew all about flowers,’ reiterated Justus… ‘You would have thought,’ Justus was saying, half to himself, ‘that the flowers were friends of his, the way he talked about them.  One day he bade some of us, who were walking with him, to stop and observe a field of wild lilies.  “See how richly they are clad!” he said.  “They do no work.  They do not spin.  Yet even King Solomon did not have such raiment.”’

—From The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas (p. 219).  Written in 1942, The Robe is a fictional account of the Roman soldier who won Jesus’ garment at His crucifixion.  It was a birthday gift from my friends the Bakers.  I’m loving the story!


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