What we love about Mom

I came across this wonderful list today looking for another document. It was written in honor of my wonderful mom’s birthday a few years ago. We love you, mom!


Mom: All the women put our heads together to do something different since this is a very special birthday. We don’t tell you often enough how glad we are that you are part of our lives. We want you to know some of the things we love best about you.


  1. I love your selflessness. You instinctively put others before yourself.
  2. You are a true servant and a tireless worker.
  3. You celebrate all that is beautiful in God’s creation whether it is music or landscapes or people or dwelling places. You make anyplace you touch more lovely.


  1. I love her humble ability to laugh at herself.
  2. I love the way she loves her husband.
  3. I love that you can see her pursuit of God in the way she rose out of a difficult early life.


  1. I am thankful for a praying mom. I know there is no way I could ever know the amount of prayers you prayed over me. I love your prayerful heart. “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.” Abraham Lincoln
  2. I love how you see beauty in everything. In nature, an empty wall, an empty room, a piece of fabric.
  3. I love how you taught us how to be a lady. Not by meaningless drilling into our heads but being a perfect example of a lady who loves the Lord and serves Him and others with all her heart.


These are traits that I love/appreciate most about you.

  1. I love how kind you are.  Whether it’s your family, church family, clients or friends you are always so kind and selfless.  Even though I think you need to spend a little more time on yourself, it’s something I’ve always admired of you.
  2. I also love how creative you are!  I love how it’s brought you success and I love looking at magazines or watching HGTV and seeing how similar our tastes are.
  3. Finally, I love all your quirks!  We may joke about your quirks but I love realizing more and more of things that I’ve inherited from you :).  Like using the goo gone to get rid of the sticky on my water bottle because I want to keep it and it was driving me crazy!  You looked at me and said how scary it was that I’m becoming like you.  They’re what make you…you and we’ve all learned so much from you.


  1. She is one of the best listeners.
  2. She truly cares about the details of our lives and tries to help.
  3. If she can fix it, she doesn’t hesitate to start.


  1. She is always loving and caring.
  2. She never gets mad (at least around me J).
  3. She loves the Hunger Games!!

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